The Mystery of Taste

tast and see

He wrote it like this,  “O taste and see that the Lord is good…” David does this frequently peppering the song with outburst of praise.  It sometimes seems to just explode on top of you, similar to a sudden rain shower catching you by surprise.

The goodness of the Lord however is more than a sudden burst of good things.  It is more than a shift to good fortune, a swift deliverance from an inextricable situation or the sudden healing of my child.  Without a doubt his goodness invades hopelessness and turns the inky darkness of uncertainty into a shimmering brightness of a million suns!  It is often seen suddenly and without anticipation, catching us by surprise.

It’s GOOD! It’s sudden; it’s unexpected…  but not always.

Here David invites us to “taste” and then we see.

 O Lord sometimes your goodness lies hidden from the obvious. It seems quite out of sight of the realities at work on the ground at work or home or at the garage.  No one would deny you are THE GREAT GOD, but there are times when the invasion of your goodness doesn’t come when I think I need it.

There are times when your goodness is not grabbed or jerked into my situation but rather it is slowly tasted.  I hold it and search it by tasting!

Slowly I experience this abundant goodness, sometimes for year.  Then I savor it taking my time and tasting all the multiple flavors of it.  Tasting soon becomes absorption into my being.  Something is taking place, a change from the dark despair of what my eyes see to a brilliance lived out in another reality far above roads and trees and crowded cities with corrupt governments. I taste then… I see.

The scripture stories and my daily events of your extended goodness shine as a glass offered.  There is an appearance of “wine” in the glass but the full joy of it I cannot  experienced until it I taste it.

O Lord, I will come and taste your goodness that I might SEE YOU and not just the effects of all your goodness.

Then the “True Wine” will open my eyes to the “Wine Maker.”

You are truly GOOD O LORD!