Recommended Books

Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life
by Donald S. Whitney
This guide draws from the rich heritage left us by the early church fathers, the Puritan writers, and Jesus Himself to lead group members or individuals through a carefully selected array of disciplines, including Scripture reading, meditation ...
The Word Militant
by Walter Brueggemann
"We preachers and hermeneuts can rejoice at this compilation of some of the best of Brueggemann on preaching.... While he reads widely and is in knowledgeable, respectful conversation with a wide range of scholars, he always priviledges the ...
The Collected Sermons of Walter Brueggemann
by Walter Brueggemann
In addition to being one of the world's leading interpreters of the Old Testament, Walter Brueggemann is a skilled and beloved preacher. This collection of sermons demonstrates Brueggemann's fidelity to biblical texts, which come alive with ...
Resident Aliens
by Stanley Hauerwas
In this bold and visionary ebook, two leading Christian thinkers explore the "alien" status of Christians in today's world, and offer a compelling new vision of how the Christian church can regain its vitality, battle its malaise, reclaim its ...

The Prophetic Imagination
by Walter Brueggemann
In this challenging and enlightening treatment, Brueggemann traces the lines from the radical vision of Moses to the solidification of royal power in Solomon to the prophetic critique of that power with a new vision of freedom in the prophets ...
City of God
by Saint Augustine (Bishop of Hippo.)
No book except the Bible itself had a greater influence on the Middle Ages than City of God. Since medieval Europe was the cradle of today's Western civilization, this work by consequence is vital for understanding our world and how it came into ...
Think (Foreword by Mark Noll)
by John Piper
John Piper’s newest book will help Christians think about thinking. Focusing on the life of the mind helps us to know God better, love him more, and care for the world. Along with an emphasis on emotions and the experience of God, we also need to ...

Have read

The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind
by Mark A. Noll
"The scandal of the evangelical mind is that there is not much of an evangelical mind." So begins this award-winning intellectual history and critique of the evangelical movement by one of evangelicalism's most respected historians. Unsparing in ...
Mandate to Difference
by Walter Brueggemann
A leading interpreter of the Old Testament's collection of essays calls the church to courageously defy political polarization, consumerism, and militarism.
The Practice of Prophetic Imagination
by Walter Brueggemann
The necessary context of prophetic preaching, Walter Brueggemann argues, is "a contestation between narratives" the dominant narrative of our time, which promoting self-sufficiency at the national level (through militarism) and the personal ...