What is a Moleskine Anyway?

As you can see I have named my blog “Thoughts from my Moleskine.” Some of you may be wondering what is a Moleskine anyway? You can find the technical definition by clicking on the Moleskine and I will tell you the rest.

Back in Ecuador I began to keep a journal of my experiences and filled it with notes, stories and daily experiences. I have made it my habit to do this since about 1985 and there are several of these little books in my file cabinet. A few years ago Brian Zahnd told me about moleskins and I bought one. Since then I have filled several and from those entries come the ideas for these articles.

Most people use their computer to write their journals but I prefer to take out my fountain pen and hand write in my moleskin. I love the time I have writing down ideas and things the Lord shows me.

So, that is why I call my Blog what it is called.

This blog is a “bank” of ideas that I think you will find at the most edifying and at the least entertaining. Scroll down and check out the articles. Maybe you will start a journal one day.