FFH Bible Institute

Here in Guadalajara we conduct a Bible Institute with the purpose of giving the Holy Spirit a place and a time to gently but powerfully form workers for the harvest.

It is a two year program with classes offered Saturdays from 9:00am to 2:00 pm.

Each semester runs about 20 weeks with breaks from the middle of June to the end of July and another from the middle of December to the middle of February.

img_0325Classes deal with subjects such as Divine Character, Faith, The Anointing, Pauline Revelation, Finances, Pursuing God and many more.

Besides classes there are times of student ministry reaching out to the lost, and each student is required to participate in a missions trip offered once a year. To date trips have been taken to Ecuador, Oaxaca, and Cuba. These give our students the practical experience of crossing cultural lines to share the Goimg_1083spel.

Students graduate with many going into full time work for the Lord. Some become Pastors and others missionaries or faithful workers in their local churches.

Students are charged an inscription fee once a year of $500.00 pesos and a monthly fee of $400.00 pesos. Also there is limited space for housing for those who come from outside the city.

If you have a passion for God and sense that he may be preparing you for the work of the ministry call us at 523-3825-0187 (our number if you are calling from the United States.  If you are calling from within Mexico our number is 0133-3825-0187. Or you can write me at john.whiteneriii@gmail.com.

These are special times!  And special times call for special people!  You may be one of them and Fire from Heaven may be the tool God wants to use to prepare you for his work.  If you are called and speak Spanish, contact us!